Tunics, And Why This Article is NOT ABOUT THEM

You know what? Originally this article was going to be about making a tunic. Then it was just going to be about awful historical fashion trends. I have the absolute worst case of writers block and just can't get this article to work. So, sorry everyone. See, when this sort of thing happens, I like …

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Facts About a Madman Soldier

Jack Churchill was a man who knew what he wanted to do, and let nobody stand in his way. Here's a few fun facts about him and his antics during and after the second World War. (Look deep into this mans eyes. He knows just what he's about) The only person to have a confirmed …

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The List of Unusual Deaths

So today, we are going to explore one of the most entertaining pages on Wikipedia, The List of Unusual Deaths! There are a few other list pages that branch off from here: “Entertainers who died during a performance”, “Inventors killed by their own inventions, and of course, “List of political self-immolations.” Because people lighting themselves on …

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